Garage Dog House
Garage Dog House


Garage Dog House

For your favorite Mini.

The Classic Mini, which continues to be loved all over the world for its lovely style, continues to be loved by enthusiasts along with many classic cars in the midst of the trend toward electronic control, high fuel efficiency, exhaust gas CO2 regulations, and electrification.
The manufacturer disappeared over 20 years ago, and not only the supply of parts, but also maintenance "how to" is gradually disappearing.
Since its opening in 1989, Dog House Garage has been operating in Inujima, Toyama City for more than 30 years as a one-stop service point for a wide range of services, from maintenance to tuning of minis that were sold as new cars at the time.
We will continue to support the mini life of customers who love minis with our original parts that are designed and manufactured in-house by our accumulated know-how.


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