DHR's work
Customize your Mini.
By customizing the MINI to the owner's taste, a relationship that goes beyond attachment and machines is nurtured. You, the owner, can design a one-of-a-kind Mini from small customs to large-scale remodeling.
Changing to MK1-2 style is not custom. Please consider customizing the DHR style, which incorporates the latest automotive engineering into the old design mini.
Maintain Mini.
The Mini is made in the UK and built for the UK climate. However, Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, has severe cold and subtropical heat. Among them, the British home country specification cannot cope with the hot and humid climate.
Similarly, Japan has a vehicle inspection system, and all vehicles running on the road must be maintained at a certain level or higher. DHR develops its own parts that match the road conditions in Japan.
Repair Mini.
Mini repair requires disassembly, replacement and application of oils and grease. And the Mini doesn't have the maintenance-free durability of modern Japanese cars.
In order to keep driving the Mini, it is necessary to periodically replace the engine part, exterior waterproof parts, and suspension parts. At DHR, we provide parts that are uniquely designed to maintain the suspension performance and quick handling that maximizes the benefits of the MINI.
We offer ball joints that do not require adjustment when installed, tie rod ends that can be greased, and ventilators that allow vehicles without a cooler to run comfortably even in the hot summer.